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Rihla Videos on-demand

We are pleased to announce the full library of video recordings from previous Summer Rihla Programs are now being hosted by This comprehensive library includes full-length Rihla Courses from a wide range of topics. The library includes hundreds of hours of HD video courses. 

The Path of the Scholars

by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (courtesy of

In this lecture, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf clarifies many of the questions surrounding how we as Muslims can best understand how to follow the Quran and the Prophetic Way (Sunnah) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. By explaining how legal rulings are derived, and the required qualifications of those who engage in this process, Shaykh Hamza brings light to the rich legal tradition of Islam.

With these clarification in mind, the listener is elevated past simple slogans for a return to the sources, and is equipped with an enriched understanding of the process of interacting with the divine sources of law.

This lecture reminds us that we are fortunate that the many complexities of sacred law (shari'ah) have been worked out by the jurists, and that, in the end, we will be asked by God not if we ourselves derived rulings, but if we committed ourselves to sincerely following them.

The Vision of Islam

by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (courtesy of

Hamza Yusuf’s commentary on Murata’s and Chittick’s The Vision of Islam makes crystal clear the meanings of a Muslim’s beliefs, actions, and spiritual journey through life. Wonderful for Muslims interested in a more thorough understanding of their religion, this set is also an excellent introduction to Islam for people of other faiths who wish to gain a clear understanding of Islam’s basic principles and practices. Remembered by students for its liveliness and clarity, this set is filled with fascinating insights into Islam.