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What is the Rihla Program?

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The 2013 Rihla Program will continue its tradition of providing participants enrichment through a unique multidimensional summer intensive. Combining dependable, relevant education and dedicated devotional time in a spiritually inspiring historic setting, the Rihla program will provide a holistic experience to those seriously striving to learn their religion.

The majority of this year's curriculum is comprised of the fard ‘ayn, material which must be learned by every Muslim as a required religious duty. Equally as important, students will be given the tools and applied knowledge to take Islam beyond the classroom and implement it immediately in their everyday lives. Courses will cover essential Muslim creed ('aqidah), which grounds a believer’s faith by knowing the attributes of both God and His prophets. Various courses in the sacred law (fiqh) will ensure students are well versed in the particulars of ritual purity, prayer, fasting, and zakat, as well as the guidelines of an ethical lifestyle - including the standards for marriage, divorce, childrearing, financial transactions and more. Students will also be taught the foundations of spiritual excellence, so they may direct their lives more completely toward God by developing the internal states that lead to sincerity.

These courses are just one part of a complete enrichment experience, which includes coordinated review sessions and study breaks, professionally designed course materials, private devotional time, and scheduled recreational activities.

All of this will take place in a focused, spiritually inspiring environment. This will allow students to fully benefit from both the classes and the enlightening teachers who will accompany us on this journey.


  • Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
  • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
  • Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah
  • Shaykh Jamal Zahabi
  • Imam Afroz Ali
  • Imam Tahir Anwar
  • Ustadh Hamza Maqbul Chaudry

Dates & Location

  • Dates: June 27th to July 17th, 2013
  • Location: Konya, Turkey

Students are expected to participate for the full duration of the program from beginning to end. The program will be held in Konya, Turkey. More information regarding the venue will be posted at a later date.

Tuition, Travel, and Financial Aid

  • Tuition: $3,150 USD

Tuition includes full room and board, and all meals for the duration of the Rihla. Students will enjoy the comforts of one of the newest hotels in Konya while soaking in the spirit of learning and knowledge. Tuition will also include any transportation costs for day trips during the program. Finally, all students will receive course texts and relevant supplemental materials designed specifically for the 2013 Rihla program. Students are responsible for all airfare to and from Istanbul.

Transportation from Istanbul to Konya (on arrival) and Konya to Istanbul (departure) are as follows:

Bus Option: Students may choose the complimentary bus option where you will be transported via luxury bus at no additional cost to you. The estimated bus travel time is 10 hours.

Flight Option: Turkish Airlines has arranged a discounted rate for all Rihla students for your Istanbul/Konya round trip. Details of your discount will be provided at a later date. This flight option is 1 hour in travel time, if you wish to pay for the discounted flight fee. This is your option if you wish not to travel by bus. The cost for this flight is not included in the program tuition.

Travel Visas: All visa related fees are the students responsibility. The Rihla Staff is not responsible for visa-related issues or concerns. You must contact your local embassy for details on obtaining a visa to Turkey. Most foreign nationals are able to purchase the visa at the Istanbul airport.

Financial aid in the form of scholarships is available, but unfortunately limited. No full scholarships will be granted. Additionally, payment plans are available but the program tuition must be paid in full before the start of the program. Students who have not paid the full tuition before the program will not be allowed to attend. The financial aid application must be submitted along with the main application. Login to your account to access it.

Application Process

  • Application Round 1: Due March 1st
  • Application Round 2: Due April 1st (final deadline)

Due to the number of applications received every year, it is important to apply early via the online application system. There you will find answers to commonly asked questions, and details regarding the application procedures. We are pleased to announce a new online application system has been created this year to help streamline the application and evaluation process. All students are encouraged to apply. Click on the blue Apply Now button at the top of this page.

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