Rihla 2012

The application cycle for Rihla 2012 is now closed.

However, you can join us from home via the Global Livestream!

This year’s summer Rihla Program will be held in the historic city of Istanbul from June 28th to July 23rd, Insha Allah. Keeping with the tradition of previous Rihla programs, this twenty-five day program will combine intense courses, study groups, historical site visits, quality course materials, and inspiring teachers in a unique, spiritually invigorating environment. Students will come away with a renewed love of learning and practice, as well as the tools to continue their life-long pursuit of knowledge. It is undeniably an experience of a lifetime, and only past students can truly articulate what the program has meant to them personally in their path of intellectual and spiritual growth.

Rihla Students will experience:

  • Interaction with dynamic teachers and scholars
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Classes with interactive components
  • Organized group study
  • Recreational activities
  • Quality course materials
  • Organized and guided historical site visits

The Rihla Program is a complete educational experience aimed at nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Seating is limited.